If you want to make sure you don’t outlive your retirement savings – you need post-retirement advice

The fact is people are working longer and living longer, creating a greater need for a sustainable income to last throughout retirement. There are a number of decisions you will need to make in your retirement years where you will benefit greatly from quality advice:

  1. The family home – You may choose to downsize your home, move closer to grandchildren or move into an over 55 years retirement village.
  2. Centrelink – Many retirees rely wholly or partially on social security benefits, so it pays to work with a planner who understands what you are entitled to. We can also help you when dealing directly with Centrelink.
  3. Estate Planning – You’ve lived a full life, however, you want to ensure that those you care for are taken care of when you are gone. Proper Estate Planning will ensure that your estate will be distributed exactly how you want it to be.

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