Workers Compensation is a compulsory insurance in each State  and every employer must hold a Workers Compensation policy with a licensed insurer or WorkCover in each Australian State & Territory; however Legislation varies from State to State.

To ensure compliance, appropriate cover and competitive premiums, contact the Markey Workers Compensation team to ensure that you are looked after.

At Markey  we will provide ongoing maintenance and support of your Workers Compensation Insurance. Our aim is to provide an effective, continuous level of service in the following areas:

  • Review of policy, rate and classifications with a focus on reductions to premiums
  • Support with documentation including wages declarations and claim forms
  • Claims cost monitoring
  • Updates in relation to changes in Legislation
  • Arrange meetings with Insurers
  • Advice in implementing Risk Management Procedures
  • Initial advice on claims and support on managing difficult claims
  • Assistance with Premium Discount Scheme
  • General advice and support

Specialist advice and help is also available for ….

  • Development of OH&S and Risk Management Strategies
  • Education and training for your staff

If you require further information on how we can assist you contact us.