Cancellation costs, missed flights, lost baggage and medical costs are all a real concern whether you are travelling for business or pleasure.

Many people buy basic travel policies to protect against these kinds of risks. Quite often these policies don’t provide the necessary coverage to fully protect your family and employees.

If you travel more than twice a year, an annual corporate travel insurance policy is your best option. It gives you the comfort of knowing that you are covered for every trip and will certainly save you money. Depending on the number of trips you declare per year, a policy can cost you as little as $800.00 annually.

Corporate travel insurance policies provide business people, their families and their employees with far more extensive coverage than ‘single trip’ type policies.


Some of the types of travel covered and advantages of a corporate travel insurance policy:

  • Cover includes work related trips over 100 kilometres from your normal working base. This includes associated leisure travel for all directors and employees (excluding normal travelling to and from work) and accompanying spouses and dependent children.
  • All overseas leisure travel for company directors, including accompanying spouses and dependent children as well as nominated staff members.
  • Eliminates the risk of forgetting to buy cover for each specific trip.
  • Pre-existing medical conditions are covered by corporate travel if the person is not travelling against medical advice. Most policies exclude pre-existing medical conditions unless approved and an extra premium paid.
  • The age limit for insured persons can be up to 85 years of age. Many other policies limit this to 75 years of age.
  • $10,000 for any one luggage claim, with no item limit (except for portable business equipment which is $5,000 per item).
  • Hire car excess cover means you no longer need to purchase the excess reduction from the rental company.
  • Frequent Flyer points reimbursed to the value of the retail cost of tickets.
  • Cover for claims related to an Act of Terrorism are included in most cases. This is a standard exclusion in single trip policies.
  • Can include a weekly disability benefit should you be unable to work after your return from your trip.
  • We, as your Insurance Broker, are able to assist in the settlement and lodgement of your claims.
  • In most cases, the policy cost is tax deductible and paid for by the Company!

As an example, for $875 per year, you and your family as well as your business and your employees could be protected by a travel insurance policy. This will cover up to 12 overseas trips and 35 domestic trips each year and the longest trip being under 180 days.