Vehicles are a major part of many businesses.

Not only are they an important business asset that needs to be protected, vehicles that are off the road due to accidents may cause financial loss to your business.  It is crucial to ensure they are looked after and protected.

Commercial Motor & Fleet insurance is designed to protect vehicles used by a business. It covers vehicles for theft and accidents, as well as liability and legal costs for third-party property damage. 

In many cases all your vehicles can be insured under the one policy, whether they are cars, utilities, trailers, caravans or goods carrying or mobile plant machinery, including farm equipment.

You can customise your policy by choosing between comprehensive, third party fire and theft, and third party only for each vehicle.

The following are examples of available benefits:

Excess Free Windscreen

Covers excess free glass only claims.

Removal of Debris

Cover for costs to clean up debris from goods falling or leaking.

Sign Writing

Covers the cost of replacing damaged signs that are a permanent part of your vehicle.

Emergency Repairs

Cover costs for emergency repairs to enable you to drive your vehicle

Personal Effects & Tools

Cover for loss or damage to personal property or tools of trade.

Funeral Expenses

Cover for funeral expenses following the death of your driver.

Hire Car 

Cover for a hire vehicle when your vehicle is damaged by fire or theft or due to an accident.

Automatic Additions

Automatically covers purchases of new vehicles during the year. 

Replacement of Locks & Keys

Covers costs to re-code your vehicle locks if keys are stolen.