Holidays should be about rest and recharging, not creating major headaches.  If you’re heading out of town, take these simple precautions to keep your home safe and give you peace of mind.

Do yourself a favour and to relieve the tension of possible disaster when you leave your house empty over the holiday period with these easy steps.

* Consider the security of your home. We recommend the installation of key window locks, keyed deadlocks, and burglar alarm systems.

* LOCK IT OR LOSE IT. Whenever you leave your house, make sure that all windows, doors and garage doors are securely latched and locked.

* Don’t give the burglars tools. Keep ladders and tools inaccessible.  Don’t leave keys anywhere.

* Cancel the paper, mail and any other regular deliveries.

* Have a neighbour take care of your lawn and remove any “junk mail”.


* Ensure all electrical appliances are switched off (except automatic timers) and plugs removed from power points.

* Turn taps off to washing machine, dishwasher and other appliances.

* Use electrical timers for lights and radios creating normal home lighting and sound as a deterrent.

* Leave your contact information with a neighbour.

* Remember to activate your burglar alarm.

* Beware of social media. Skip the checking in and status updates and save the photo posting until you arrive back home.

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